Impossibly High Standards

balanced rocks

When it comes to how you expect the other woman to behave, could you meet those same standards? Never say a single bad word against you. Always do what’s best for the children (according to your private interpretation). Never be late (come hell, high water or bad traffic). Never get angry, be snippy, play the […]

What all stepmoms should know about divorced moms


In my three short years as a stepmom, I’ve learned some things about divorced moms that I wish I would have known at the very beginning. It would have made my journey SO much easier. I’m sharing them with you now, in hopes that your ride will be a little smoother than mine. Keep in […]

Which boat are you in?


Many of you come to this site because you’re looking for information that might give you an advantage with your difficult mom/stepmom relationship. You want something extra to help you create a shift. Movement in the right direction. A breakthrough out of nowhere. You’re the only one who knows what it’s like in your particular […]

The Transformation Lab is live!


From Chaos to Partnership… The Transformation Lab is a solution-focused, online course designed to move you forward by enriching your understanding of a healthy step-bio relationship. Class begins Tuesday, June 22nd. “This is a really interesting walkthrough; a ten-step plan that’s well thought-out and experience-based. You didn’t invent this problem — you’ve just taken a […]

A course, a call and new videos!


Announcing an in-depth course just for stepmoms, a free How Did She Do It? call and no-holds barred videos from Carol and Jen! ** Have you lost your desire to even try anymore with the ex-wife? ** Have you been burned one too many times? ** Have you been drained by the constant stress, anxiety, […]