“MOMS & STEPMOMS – I just love how REAL these ladies from No One’s the Bitch are about common challenges for moms & stepmoms. I encourage you to check out the “Backyard Series” videos on their site as they dish about their struggles & how they found their way to a more peaceful solution for everyone.” – Positive Parenting Solutions

“Are you a step-mom and think your husband’s ex wife is crazy? Reading this book may give you some insight into the insecurities she’s feeling about having a woman she doesn’t know start raising her children. It may open up a whole new world that you couldn’t have imagined.

Are you a bio-mom and think your ex-husband’s new wife is trying to take over the family? Maybe it would help you to understand what she’s feeling. To see what it’s like from her standpoint, coming into a new family where she is a complete outsider.

This book does an amazing job at being honest and open from both the step-mom’s side and the bio-moms side. It’s a must-read for all involved. The children’s emotional health is too important to let our insecurities and anger get in the way of acting like humane, decent individuals. Definitely a 5-star book!” -An Amazon reader

“This book (& Jennifer) have helped me hugely even though my relationship with BM is no better.” – K.S.F.

Ladies, this book is hands-down a must read! I actually gave this book to the birth mom and I was scared (plus many more emotions). Mostly, I thought she would laugh in my face. However, she took the time to read it and realized some things about herself that she could never put into words with me! It has helped us in our communication a lot! If you are debating on giving it to her, I would say DO IT!

I use it as a reference all the time, I am currently re-reading it and reading my notes and highlighted areas and boy, have I came along way! It helps like a refresher course would to keep in touch with what’s really important…. It’s worked for me, stepmoms it can work for you, even if you can’t communicate, it helps with your frame of mind”  – M.M.

It has been amazing so far! Already, the knots are gone from my stomach, nausea is pretty much gone during encounters, we are having pleasant civil conversations, and my stepson is obviously benefitting from it tremendously. Amazing! …It made me understand her side a little, helped me let go of anger, and slowly started encouraging conversations relating to the best possible environment for my stepson.” – S.H.

“With the holidays I haven’t had much time to read… but the whole situation just doesn’t have the power it used to… something changed, I’m not sure exactly what but it’s not the same… I thought I’d have to live in this hell for the rest of my life and I’m just so happy that is not the case. The kids are benefiting so much from us getting along… OMG, the ‘pressure’ has lifted and joy has returned to their sweet, beautiful faces… Seeing that makes me so determined NEVER to allow my hurt to cause unintentional hurt to those I love” – A.G.

“Great! I read it *after* I had started moving towards a friendly relationship with the birth mom. It helped me with conversation and they give examples of what to do and what not to do…etc. Makes perfect sense about creating acceptance thru understanding.” – L.T.

“When I first was engaged and soon to be married. I read every stepmom book that I could get my hands on. I wanted to make sure that I followed the “rules” or got advice from other step moms, and the more the advice the merrier! When I first started reading “No One’s the Bitch,” my jaw dropped and my eyes were opened very wide. My thought immediately was, This is the book I NEED to have peace with the biological mom. The first chapter was amazing, just to have that view of their first meeting, from the stepmom’s view and the biological mom’s view, and how they could be so different.

More and more, I started to put myself in their mom shoes as I read the book. There is actual dialogue that can be used in the book. Example: How to ask for (and offer) a truce. LOVED IT!  The resources throughout the book are phenomenal! The way the book is written from the perspective of both step mom and biological mom is wonderful and the only book I know of its kind.

It also doesn’t need to be read by both the step mom or biological mom for you to get along with each other.

I highly recommend, if you can get the biological mom and/or step mom to read it, then by all means do so! However, I found that with the examples given in the book on how to handle different situations and start conversations, it was easy for me to begin to try and make peace with the biological mom. I have recommended this book several times and will continue to recommend it.  I started a step mom support group over a year ago and also co-administer a large step mom support group and I need positive resources. I need resources that will produce results the members want and is worth the read, time and money to the member. This is a well written positive hands-on guide to making  (*gulp*) friendship and/or peace with the biological mom.” – L.T.

Love this book!” - K.S.F.

“What I liked the most was being able to talk to other women about these issues. Being Canadian, the legalities of things are different, but in some respects still the same. Having a birth mom as the coach in all of this was a huge help. Talking to someone that has been able to make it work makes a person think that it is possible. Yes, I would recommend the course. It gives people a chance to see different situations and realize that maybe theirs isn’t all that bad, or that theirs is so awful that there needs to be an additional step taken or things need to be pushed to a higher level.” – C.W.

“What I found was more insight from different perspectives from the various speakers and Stepmoms within the group. The course also offered support from other stepmoms in the group. I liked being able to hear from and speak to different speakers during the group calls. I would recommend this course and your coaching. It is a huge benefit being able to talk to someone that has lived through similar experiences that other Moms/Stepmoms live through. The setup of the course was well put together and planned.” – A.F.

“The course taught me a number of things: That I am NOT CRAZY! My feelings, fears and reactions are completely normal. I am not a bad person. I did not “do” anything to the mom, she acts the way she does because of the emotional attachment to her children. I don’t have to love my step children. (I needed my partner to hear that one from someone other than me!) It’s hard being a SM. Very, very hard. Other SM’s have it worse than me. I needed to find other SM’s to commiserate and share my troubles with. My family, friends and coworkers don’t get it and just fed the fires of conflict. I needed to make time to take care of me. Otherwise I will continue to feel used, taken advantage of and insignificant.

The coaching session was INVALUABLE! I highly recommend waiting until after the course to utilize this feature, once you’ve applied what you’ve learned to your current situation. Jen, you saved my life with our phone call. You helped me to understand where the BM was coming from and how to reach out to her. You were 100% correct in your assessment, despite only hearing my side of the story, and your advice was dead on. The BM needed to see me as a person, with feelings and emotions just like hers, instead of a thorn in her side. I never would have handled our conflict the way I did without your guidance.

Nothing is perfect, but we are certainly in a calmer, healthier place today and hopefully on our way to a brighter future for our stepfamily. Being able to ask specific questions about one’s stepfamily life in a secure, private and accepting environment is great. And walking step by step through each area of conflict really forces the group to sit down and think about that one aspect of the situation and how they can help to change it.” – Corrine W.

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