Publicity-Grid-large“A really interesting walkthrough; a ten-step plan that’s well thought-out and experience-based… a giant step in resolving this problem.” Dr. Phil McGraw “The Dr. Phil Show, December 1, 2009″

“…A helpful, readable, and informative roadmap for navigating what is often a highly-charged, contentious relationship. With honesty and humor, the authors offer exercises, tips, and advice that can help women in linked households form working partnerships, making life and transitions easier for the kids and themselves. …This is a book that can take you there with grace, helping you gain not only a sense of control, but that most invaluable and elusive thing for those affected by divorce and remarriage–peace of mind–as well.” – Wednesday Martin, PhD., Stepmonster

“No One’s the Bitch is a worthy, energetic workbook…Chatty and funny, it provides useful ideas (e.g., make small offerings) and sound how-to (e.g., greet each other when the kids swap houses). Fill-in-the-blank sections pose a defacement risk, though the positive tone outweighs it.” -Library Journal

“These straight-shooting, truth-talking, soul-baring women have their priorities right: When mom and step-mom are on the same page everyone wins, most especially the kids! If more parents could do as authors Jennifer and Carol have done, our courts would be far emptier, our kids would be far healthier and and all of our futures would be brighter!” – Benjamin D. Garber, Ph.D., author of Keeping Kids Out Of The Middle (HCI, 2008) and

“The authors have it right – the relationship between mother and stepmother is the one that makes or breaks the wildly extended American families of the 21st century. That’s why we have to suck it up and make it work. This book is full of wisdom and practical resources to get you there.” -Marion Winik, author of Rules for the Unruly: Living an Unconventional Life and The Glen Rock Book of the Dead

“Brave, bold and right on time, No One’s the Bitch has the potential to change how step- and blended families get along forevermore. Jennifer and Carol Marine show mothers and stepmothers how to put down the gloves, make peace, and become partners. A breakthrough from page one!” -Izzy Rose, author of The Package Deal: My (not-so) Glamorous Transition from Single Gal to Instant Mom and Stepmother’s Milk

“A plainspoken, helpful, and rather hip how-to book.” -Austin Chronicle

“Finally! A must-read users guide for every woman involved in stepmother/ex-wife relationships. With humor, insight, and unflinching honesty, Jennifer and Carol take you through the process of making one of the trickiest relationships in our culture infinitely easier. Leave the snarking behind! This book will give you the tools to move on and glory in some newfound possibilities.” -Katherine Shirek Doughtie, co-author of The Doughtie Houses Exchange and author ofAphrodite in Jeans: Adventure Tales about Men, Midlife and Motherhood

“I wish I could have read this book when I was first starting out as a stepmom. If you’re stuck in the middle of a mom-stepmom conflict and you’re looking for a way to create a peaceful relationship, start with this book. If you’re thinking about marrying into a stepfamily or you’re in the early honeymoon phase of your stepfamily, this book might shine a light on some of the hidden landmines in stepfamily life and help you successfully navigate through them, before you step on one! This is a groundbreaking book that our families have been waiting for, for decades. Where other co-parenting books talk you through how to act differently on the outside, this book holds your hand through opening your heart to a transformation that overflows into your family and your relationship with the other house.” -Jill Doughtie, co-author of The Doughtie Houses Exchange

“If you’re struggling to get along with the ex-wife, pick up a copy of this book and start reading. Even if it’s not a struggle, the book still has helpful tools to make sure you don’t ever fall into a hateful situation.” -Erin Experiment

“I’m blown away. In between the humor, the journal exercises, and the short quizzes is a book that will hit nearly every woman who’s in a mom/step mom relationship right between the eyes. I’m recommending this to every step mom I know and don’t know!” -The Step Mom’s Toolbox

“…A real eye opener. Has really helped me to see myself and my husband’s ex-wife in a very different light. Jennifer and Carol have more wisdom and insight than I’ve read from professional counselors and therapists. I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone in a blended family or entering into one.”

“A humorous and helpful take on navigating the minefield that so often exists between moms and stepmoms.” -Fragrant Liar

“A down-to-earth reference for moms and stepmoms who are endeavoring to create an amenable working relationship…. Original.” -Swaptree

“Stepfamilies now outnumber intact families. Two women decided to work on not becoming another statistic. The ex-wife and new wife have joined forces for the benefit of all.” -Examiner