Had Enough of the Mom or Stepmom? It’s Time to Move On


Have you had enough? What if she never changes? What if she doesn’t stop trying to turn your stepchildren against you and accusing you of things you didn’t do? What if she doesn’t stop overstepping boundaries and trying to make you look like a bad mom? What if this is just how she is? I […]

And The Name of Our New Book Is…


  “Skirts At War: Creating Peace Amidst Divorce Mom and Stepmom Conflict.” This book is all about YOU. It’s about finding YOUR peace and thriving regardless of what the other woman in your situation is doing. That’s what’s so great, you don’t need her to do anything differently in order for YOU to be happy. More to […]

Never-before-seen Carol and Jen videos!

ex-wife and stepmom video

These videos were filmed in Carol and David’s backyard, before the fire that burned their home to the ground, along with almost 1,700 homes and over 34,000 acres. Sadly, none of those trees are alive anymore… I’ve had these three videos of Carol (my kids’ stepmom and co-author of No One’s the Bitch) and I hanging […]

How To Center Yourself When Things Get Ugly


It’s hard to remain calm when you’re faced with threats of court, false accusations, bogus restraining orders and the defended ego of others. When you find yourself in the alternative universe of someone else’s truth , take a moment and remind yourself of who you are. The you beneath the constant state of defense, stress, […]

Stepmoms: You Are Not Alone (Part Two)


(These are excerpts from an article that was originally published in the July 2011 issue of Stepmom Magazine) Stepmoms often feel very alone in their journey, but they’re not. Here are some common thoughts and emotions that stepmoms experience. 4. “I’m a great stepmom. I can take care of everyone and everything. I’ll show everyone that […]