More than one day of thanks

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There’s a very good chance that your thinking is skewed on the side of non-gratitude. Especially as it relates to this topic of divorce-connected families. Just like news, a car wreck on the side of the road or gossip, it’s the drama, chaos and conflict that catches our eye and rivets our attention in our […]

A Webinar with Jenna Korf and Margaret Paul on the Challenges of Finding Love and Acceptance in Stepfamilies

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  Do you feel undervalued? Do you long for love and acceptance? If so, join Jenna on Wednesday, October 24th as she has the honor of speaking with best-selling author, Margaret Paul, to discuss why so many women still struggle to find love and acceptance in their stepfamilies. During the free teleseminar/webinar, you’ll have an […]

Damn Expectations…


I’m going to take a guess here: nothing in your situation is what you expected. Is it? We’ve all heard that expectations lead to disappointment, because inevitably, things turn out differently. But we had no idea just how off our expectations could be, did we? Stepmoms thought that mom would be thankful to have a […]

Never-before-seen Carol and Jen videos!

ex-wife and stepmom video

These videos were filmed in Carol and David’s backyard, before the fire that burned their home to the ground, along with almost 1,700 homes and over 34,000 acres. Sadly, none of those trees are alive anymore… I’ve had these three videos of Carol (my kids’ stepmom and co-author of No One’s the Bitch) and I hanging […]

Stepmoms, Why Your Husband Is So Important


There seems to be an epidemic of stepmoms divorcing. I don’t know the details of every situation, but it’s a pretty good guess that their husbands did not step up and support them. Experts agree that  the marriage needs to be the primary relationship. If your husband doesn’t realize this, you have a high chance of […]