And The Name of Our New Book Is…


“Skirts At War: Creating Peace Amidst Divorce Mom and Stepmom Conflict.”

This book is all about YOU. It’s about finding YOUR peace and thriving regardless of what the other woman in your situation is doing. That’s what’s so great, you don’t need her to do anything differently in order for YOU to be happy. More to come on the details of the new book!


Thanks for letting us share our exciting news with you!



Jenna and Jennifer


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  1. “No One’s the Bitch” helped me tremendously! I know this new book will be equally amazing. Congratulations and best wishes!

  2. Thanks so much, Jennifer! We appreciate your support :)

  3. Lovely Pseudonym says:

    Thank you for the post and your work!

    I think much of your site is really helpful for most ‘normal,’ well-intentioned people who face ‘normal’ difficulties post-divorce.

    But I am dealing with a situation well outside the ‘norm,’ and I can’t find much of anything written for me, or those like me – stepmother/partnered with a man whose ex-wife is hellbent on removing him from his childrens’ lives, and he from theirs.

    So far I have remained sane, but it’s not easy. I ardently hope you will devote some of your book to parental alienation syndrome.

    Thanks & peace :)

  4. Thank you, Lovely. Actually, you’d be surprised to hear that there are many women dealing with similar situations as yours. I can’t recommend highly enough a book called Divorce Poison, written by Richard Warshak. Please pick it up if you haven’t already. He describes different extremes of PAS and tools and strategies to cope with/counteract it.

  5. I will give “Skirts at War” a chance. “No One’s the Bitch” wasn’t particularly helpful to me as my husband and I are the active parents. His ex, the kids’ mother, is a selfish, care-less (as opposed to careless) freeloader. I love my husband and the wonderful baby that he and I have together but I am resentful of his former life. I struggle to understand and to come to peace with him being “unable” to do ANYTHING to change matters with his ex who’s been in contempt of court since their divorce 6 years ago. He is putty in her hands; they have joint custody but she does nothing for the kids. I would elect the trade-off of challenges to not deal with the ex and to have sole custody of the kids. That would be easier and more holistic. I will not live seven years plus (when the youngest turns 18) with their mother taking advantage of my husband–and me.

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