Are You Placing Too Much Value On the Divorced Mom Or Stepmom In Your Life?

For those of you who are having trouble letting go of the stepmom or divorced mom in your life, this is for you.

Do you find yourself obsessing about her?

Stepmoms, are you feeling the need to show up at every event she’s going to be at so you can “monitor” her behavior? Afraid she’ll try, once again, to flirt with your husband or disrespect your marriage?

Divorced moms, do you feel the need to be there to keep her in check? To make sure she doesn’t try to exude too much power over a situation that is about your children, not about her?

Or maybe you just can’t get over the fact that she still hasn’t accepted you. Hasn’t acknowledged you, much less opened her heart to you. And you continue to ask yourself why.

For just a moment, pretend your life is like a little village and you’re a giant standing over it, watching.

Do you see how much time you’re spending thinking about her? All the energy spent stewing about her past actions or wishing things were different?

Do you see how much importance you’re giving this one woman? How much value you’ve given her simple opinion of you?

If you’re letting your insecurities dictate your actions, it’s time to stop. 

It’s time to stop handing your power over to her.

She’s not larger than life. She’s just a person. No better or more important than you are.

Try to shift some of that value, that importance you place on her, back on yourself.

Every time your thoughts start to wander to her, stop yourself and focus on you, your family and all the amazing gifts in your life.

Remind yourself of who she actually is; just a person, who most likely, doesn’t really know you at all.

© 2011 Jenna Korf    All Rights Reserved

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