Intentionally Bring Peace to Your Life

“Our thoughts create our reality — where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go.” – Peter McWilliams

- A  colorful sunrise.

- Contentment.

- Growth.

- Family to laugh with.

- Inner wholeness.

- Peace.

- Crisp morning air.

- Nature’s beauty.

- Health.

- Opportunity to help others heal.

- Connectedness.

- Memories of a perfect Italian honeymoon.

- Waking up to true love.

- Honoring myself.

- A quiet house.

- A comforting meal.

- A captivating book.

- Love.

What are YOU focusing on?

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(Photo credit: Jeanma)

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  1. Thank you for this reminder… a morning intention followed by an evening of gratitude. Simple change in how we begin and end our days makes for profound changes.

  2. Nanci, I couldn’t agree more! We get so caught up in the stress of daily life that we forget to turn our focus to the small things that really matter. :) Thanks for your comment!

  3. My story is a bit different but the end was the same. I brought peace to my life.

    My partner and I had a solid 3-year relationship. He has a son and of course an ex and I knew from the beginning she was a difficult one. At one point her harassing got to the point where I initiated a moment for us to talk and let her tell me why she disliked me so much. It seemed to work and there were a few months of peace. Several months passed and again she was starting to get too comfortable around the house, coming in and basically doing what ever she wanted. Looking through whatever she found laying around and even going so far as to come into our bedroom one day that her son was sick and laying in our bed. When I told my bf that that behavior was unacceptable to me and told him it was time to set boundaries with her, he was unwilling to do so. Said he didn’t want his son to resent him by making his mother feel unwelcomed. Unwelcomed was never the case, boundaries is what I felt needed to be set. The relationship reached an impasse. That’s when I realized it was time to take my life and happiness back. It no longer was about her, it was about him not able to set boundaries and so I had to set my own.

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