What are you resisting?

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“What could be more futile, more insane, than to create inner resistance to what already IS?” – Eckhart Tolle

Have you ever noticed how much you’re resisting your current situation?

Start paying attention to your thoughts. How often do you catch yourself complaining about the way things are?

How often do you say:

I wish she would…

Why can’t he just…

If only…

It’s so unfair…

By resisting what already IS, you’re making yourself sick.





You’re wasting precious energy.

All for something you can’t change, because it is already happening, or has happened.

I’m in no way saying you should just suck it up and deal. Quite the opposite, actually.

I’m saying if you stop resisting what is happening in the moment, you free yourself from the suffering that usually follows; suffering caused by incessant thoughts of how bad life is or how unfair things are.

How you just wish things could be different.

Without the aftermath of resistance, you’re free.

Free to feel calm. Free to release that moment into the past.

Free to move forward.

Free to think with a clear mind about how you can change what is in your power to change.

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  1. Love this! And it applies to all areas of life — not just this one… :-)

  2. Amyleigh says:

    Just last night I was resisting the way my husband was handling a situation with his daughter and I butt my head in with some additional remarks which made the situation even wors. WHY is it so hard to resist and bite my tongue?! I think I can add my two bits and change the world instead of letting it be, letting him deal, taking a step back. Why can’t I learn? I hear myself say all those words (if only, why can’t he, I wish she) and I need to turn them back on me and control MY reaction to it. I did apologize to my hubby this morning and I still need to make things right with my stepdaughter tonight too. I at least have that power. ARGH. It’s so tough! A daily/hourly/by the minute struggle. This is a painful mind game of reframing our thoughts, the only thing we can control. It’s a daily hard exercise even though I’m not sweating, it is tiring. I want the calm and I want the free. These daily ‘devotions’ on this blog are so inspiring and their timing couldn’t be more spot on. Thank you!

  3. Thanks, Jen! So true, this is a good practice for every aspect of life :).

    Amyleigh, I completely agree. In order to change our thought patterns (and thus our behaviors), it takes repeated awareness and change. We’ve all been where you are, thinking our two cents just HAVE to be heard. What I did to change that thinking was put an alarm on my phone that would pop up 3 times a day and it said “Trust him to make the right decision.” Or something to that effect. It basically reminded me to let HIM deal with things. And the more I did and the more it worked out – even BETTER than when I was stepping in, I might add – the easier it got to allow that. And eventually it became second nature.

    So I suggest you start small. Put reminders all over your house where you’ll see them and practice just biting your tongue even once, and see what happens :) And of course, come back here and to the forum for support! <3

  4. Dina McCausley says:


    NOTB is the Borg?! :-)

  5. What’s a BORG?? ;P

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