Top Ten Reasons to Forgive the Stepmom, the Ex-Wife, or Your Ex

1. Your grievances live inside you long after the event has passed, which feels terrible.

2. Your grudges don’t actually improve the outcome of future problems.

3. You’re inadvertently “leaking” your resentment onto innocent bystanders.

4. It’s possible to forgive… and still create healthy boundaries that protect you from future pain and unhappiness.

5. When you truly forgive another from the heart, forgiving yourself for ways that you might have enabled your transgressor goes hand in hand.

6. You’re modeling compassion and understanding for your children and stepchildren.

7. You are freer to concentrate on the things that really matter in life, like Dancing with the Stars or Charlie Sheen.

8. The Victim Tango broken record from hell stops playing in your brain. Ahh, sweet peace and quiet!

9. Forgiving the other person isn’t like them getting the upper hand, because you’ve actually stepped out of the gladiators arena altogether.

10. Through maturity and humility, you can now admit that you’ve hurt people too — sometimes by accident and at other times, not. We all deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt, while shouldering the appropriate consequences of our actions.

A big shoutout to reader Dina M., who recommended the following excellent article on Facebook, “Divorced? Follow this One-Step Co-Parenting Plan” by Jennifer Mattern, over on ParentDish.

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Dina McCausley says:

    AWWWWWW yeee-ahhhhhh!! 🙂

    Love this post. Food for thought for sure <3

  2. Janice Park says:

    Fantastic! This is to true and should be part of everyones living.
    I particularly love number 6! It should always be about the childrens best interest!
    I’m SO thankful for stumbling upon this!

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Above all else, it should always come down to what is best for the children. Ultimately, more people in their lives who genuinely love and care about them is always going to be a positive thing in their lives,

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