Jenna’s story (video)

Relationship and stepmom coach Jenna Korf talks about why she’s here, her own journey as a stepmom, and how she’s hoping to connect with all of YOU here on No One’s the Bitch.

Jennifer’s version of her story can be found here.

And stay tuned for another video this week, where Jen and Jenna describe a brand new direction for the blog!

Jenna came to Austin for a visit this past weekend and our stomach muscles are still recovering from so much laughing…. Be grateful you weren’t around to hear us singing the NOTB theme song we came up with!

Divorced moms and stepmoms: did you ever create more peace and happiness for yourself by “giving up” and turning the focus back to your own life?

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Peacekeeper says:


    It’s great to hear your story. I have just recently, in the past year but especially in the past six months, seriously stepped away from the chaos I feel the mother of my step-children causes. I’ve seen time and time again that we’re not going to have any sort of relationship, because I don’t do relationships HER way. And I’ll be nice and leave it at that!

  2. Hi Peacekeeper, yep, I get it. How have things been different since you’ve stepped back from that?

    A relationship really does take reciprocity, compromise and respect, and sometimes it’s just not possible! :)

  3. Jenna,

    Your story totally resonates, and thank you for sharing. Our situations are very different, but the same in many ways. I’m speaking of the emotions and the feelings you experienced. Many of us, I’m sure, can relate. As I’ve already posted in the past, I’ve stepped back as well and it’s been 3 years too! Things are really good now. As a matter of fact, better than ever. I am working on that inner peace and I totally feel it at times. I have no current issues with BM, and I am also working on gaining a healthy resolve regarding her. So that my inner peace will help me wish her (BM) inner peace as well. For those who are attempting to step back for an extensive breather, it’s a process and sometimes you need reminding. I love this site for that reason. It reminds me that the other side (BM) has her own issues and feelings to contend with and it helps me with understanding.

  4. Hi Celisa, thank you! I love what you said about wishing her peace. I try to practice that too. I try to wish her everything I would wish for a friend. It makes me feel better to stay to true to who I am (someone who doesn’t want bad things to happen to *anyone* and just wants peace all around). :) Thanks again for your wonderful comment!

  5. Anne Monique says:

    Thanks Jenna!! I’m soooooo happy I have found your blog. My BF and I are still dating, so I’m a kinda stepmom in training, lol. I must admit that after reading a few books and posts in some SM forums, I’ve more than once seriously reconsidered my decision. I had no idea the SM life could be so hard. That’s why I’m jumping up and down to have found this site at last (and the NOTB’s FB group). It’s oh so great and reassuring to hear from a positive and happy stepmom for a change. And I couldn’t agree more with your last message. Happiness IS an inside job. We tend to forget that too often, and look for it in the wrong places. Which makes me want to share one of my favorite quotes with you, a quote by Guy Finley that I’m sure you would definitely agree with: =)

    “Feeling like someone special because others or events have lifted you is like living in a sandcastle that was built for you at water’s edge.”

    Keep up the good work!

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