Why we created our new Member’s Community

We are standing at the edge of an unexplored frontier in family relationships… and we have an unprecedented opportunity to create a new paradigm for our children that heals the damage of divorce.

Jen and Carol making a Sophie sandwich

And did you know that, according to the census, only a child’s primary residence counts as a stepfamily, even if they live in two? And that co-habitating couples are not included in these numbers? Experts say one in every three women will someday be a part of a stepfamily.

If you are not part of a stepfamily yourself, you are likely connected to one through your child, because your ex has remarried.

It’s obvious, but maybe not clear enough: we live in a world where, in most developed countries, the nuclear family of dad, mom and kids is now the minority family unit.


That model we grew up with in our heads as children is evaporating before our very eyes.

What does that mean for our own children, when they grow up and marry?

What are we currently modeling for them in terms of conflict resolution and commitment, stability and collaboration?

The big story isn’t about divorce anymore, and what leads to it.

It’s not even about what life is like for stepmoms and stepfamilies, since more coping resources pop up every day (although we still find it disgraceful that stepfamilies are barely represented in the media or on TV).

No, the big story NOW is life between the two families, between the households.

  • What are the priorities for a single mom that a stepfamily does not understand? What are her primal instincts regarding her children, her financial fears? Her non-negotiables? Where does she feel like she is constantly falling short as a parent?
  • And what are the forces tearing at stepfamilies and their chance of beating a 73% divorce rate (and yet another split for the kids)? What keeps stepmoms up at night? What are the challenges that persist, despite her greatest efforts?
  • How can moms and stepmoms best deal with the stress that comes from competing agendas, from the strain of not knowing each other, from the residue and accumulation of past misunderstanding and offenses?

These are the questions we’ll be talking about in our new Member’s Community.

The support you find there will help you manage the problems, confusion and heartbreak that comes from not having a grasp on the bigger picture — and all the problems that ensue with the other household.

Our members will be pioneers; brave adventurers exploring new lands — and developing mastery, readiness, competence and wisdom in the process.

Everything you need to know is right here, on this page.

We provide privacy and a supportive, heart-based community.

We’re starting a revolution and people are already streaming through the doors.

We hope you’ll join us!

Jen and Jenna


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