A new voice on the blog!

Happy New Year and farewell to 2010!

I am thrilled to introduce a new direction for the new year – a new blogging and workshop partner!

Jenna Korf and I have corresponded over the last several years and have finally found a way to work together. She’ll be doing some guest posts here, we’ll try our hand at a few combined posts, and we’ll be teaching the upcoming course on Demystifying the Big Family-Family Picture (though that’s not the course name!) together.

What’s in it for YOU?

A more balanced perspective on the blog.

The voice of both women, both “sides” more equally represented.

A chance to pick the brain of a real, live stepmom, as well as a mom.

More topics. More angles. More problems and issues addressed.

More support and help when you need it!

More about her: Jenna Korf is a Certified Relationship Coach and a stepmom living in Redwood City, California. An R.N. in a former life, Jenna runs The Bay-Area Step-Parent’s Survival Group, a support group for stepmoms, and offers advice to stepparents as a columnist at examiner.com. She coaches couples and stepmoms at StepmomHelp and can be reached here.

One reason I’m so excited about this is because it’s been hard to do justice to both “sides” on my own….

I’ve explained here before that Carol, my co-author, is extremely busy with her art career (and happily so!), but that means it’s little ole me, trying to straddle two very different perspective — and not always doing a very good job of it.

So Jenna and I will have the opportunity to play off each other a bit. To ask each other questions (and you, of us). To explain some weird mysterious behavior and feelings that stepmoms and moms struggle with. To open the windows a bit and get some fresh air in the house.

We’re both excited and hope you will be too!

So please join me in giving her a warm welcome…. :-)

And here’s to a Happy New Year for all our readers!

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  1. Super fabulous that you’ll be teaming up with Jenna!

  2. Jen, I’m thrilled to finally be working with you! I’m also very excited to start interacting with all the moms and stepmoms out there who are in need of help. Here’s to new partnerships and new adventures!

  3. Thanks, Peggy – I feel totally inspired and motivated! You’re doing some pretty amazing things yourself these days, Lady. :-)

    And Jenna, absolutely. To new partnerships and new adventures (and apparently, lots of emails)! I think we’re going to have a lot of fun…. :-)

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