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But first, Happy National Stepfamily Day to all the stepmoms and their families! Thank you for all you do to love and care for our children. We’re all brave pioneers in this day and age, navigating a very different world when it comes to parenting and marriage.

Did you know that 1,300 stepfamilies form every day? And that’s only counting the ones that make it legal. Just like single parent families, stepfamilies face unique challenges that put their stability and health at risk. We’d like to help create a cultural model that strengthens the connections between the two households, instead of drawing a stronger line in the sand.

Even if you’re not IN a stepfamily, you’re probably here because your life is intimately intertwined with your ex-partner’s second family….

We hope to inspire ALL of you to reach out and form a working relationship with the other household, because together, we form the living “nest” for our children. Let’s make it a cozy one. :-)

VIDEOS: Little elves will have blanketed the internets with 3 video conversations between Carol (the stepmom) and I (Jennifer, the mom/ex-wife)  last night, as part of our Backyard Series of interviews.

Here they are on YouTube:

You can access three more exclusive videos only available on our site (Part 2 for each of the titles) by going to our sign-up page HERE. We’ll send you an instant password so you can view the rest.

Some big announcements are coming this week! We’ll be offering:

  • private, paid forums with extra tools and content (the free one will stay up, so don’t worry), along with
  • a brand new coaching program, complete with coaching bundle giveaways
  • an ebook on knowing when to call it quits (by popular request).

Stay tuned!

And stepmoms, enjoy your special day!

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  1. Awesome!! Well done, ladies :). Actually, the first brought tears to my eyes. Not sure why, maybe because that’s so out of reach for me and it’s such a beautiful thing to see? Thanks, Jen!!

  2. Fabulous job Jennifer and Carol! Loved the videos – mind if I post them on The Stepmom’s Toolbox?


  3. Awww, thanks, Jenna! I know you’ve made some strides in your relationship with the ex, so who knows? Maybe one day, there will be more of a element of friendship there…. It took us a while too and we had many steps back for every one we took forward.

    And thanks to you too, Peggy! Feel free to share anywhere (and that goes for everyone else too).

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