What's your word for 2010?

Every year, I choose a single word for the upcoming year for my resolution, instead of a list of to-do items. This seems to work a lot better than a bunch of “demands,” because that’s what most New Year’s resolutions eventually feel like!

You can read more about previous words here….

My word for 2009 was “success” and I think I can look back at some career milestones and feel a certain sense of satisfaction. It was really important to me that all the hard work I had put into writing about this topic and my continued efforts to learn more about conflict resolution and creating a happy, cooperate “extended family” actually WENT somewhere!

It’s been enormously gratifying to hear people say that our book has helped them create a breakthrough in their relationship with the mom or stepmom. That’s the kind of feedback that can make my day — or week!

Even though it seems like eons ago, our book came out this summer and hit the Amazon bestseller list in several categories, several different times. We were on the Dr. Phil Show and that was a crazy, surreal and very positive experience. We ported the site over to a new host and it looks all pretty and sparkly (albeit with wonky formatting left over from the old site, here and there).

In my personal life, I can look at my two daughters and see that they have made great strides with their level of independence and creativity. They’ve both pursued passions to the point that they’re developing some real competence in their chosen fields and I’m very proud of them.

There are also areas of my life that were most definitely NOT a success, but nevertheless, I learned a lot from them…. :-)

So what would be YOUR word for the new year, only days away?

What word would serve you best?

In what direction would you like to “point” yourself?

My word for 2010 is going to be “trust.” I would like to trust myself more in certain ways, instead of doubting myself. I’d like to feel more of a sense of trust when it comes to relationships and finances. Luckily, trust is alive and well with my friendships and most family relationships, so that’s a huge bonus in my favor already.

I’d like to be able to trust my body more. I have regular, debilitating migraines and recently they’ve created some real problems in managing my life (which always makes me wonder, which comes first? the stress of things not going well and then the migraines, or the other way around?).

This past year, I made the mistake of placing my trust in someone who wasn’t capable of, for starters, earning it… or keeping it. I will be much more discerning about where I place my trust in the future and will rely more on experience and time to reveal character, rather than blind, naive, hopeful trust!

A lot of us are suffering from a sense of fear and dread, after hearing all over the media that the sky is falling. I’d like to have a calm sense of peace and trust that everything, in the end, will be all right. I’d like to be able to trust that feeling….

So what about you? What words pop into your head as possibilities?

One little word is easy to remember. And it can have a real impact on your life as you go about your day-to-day activities, but make new, healthier choices with your word in mind.

Here’s a very cool – and free – ebook by Seth Godin on What Matters Now, that might stimulate some thoughts about your word for 2010. And lucky for you, each page has a one-word title!

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. Happy New Year Jen!

    I plastered Seth’s free e-Book all over a post on my other blog :-) It’s AWESOME! (http://serendipitysmiles.com)

    My ONE word for 2010 is FOCUS. I’ve got to get better at not spreading myself TOO thin. Sometimes, I just have to say “No” – especially if it’s to something that’s not going to get me where I want to be.


  2. aline gaubert says:

    Hi, Jennifer,

    I just got the see the DVD of the Dr. Phil show with you and Carol and David. Wow, it just made me so darn proud of you that I cried. Such important work, starting a ripple effect I’m sure.

    My word for 2010 is proportion, as in having a sense of one. I see this as striving for more balance by looking at my third response to things I react to. Instead of my first response, I will wait if I can for a truer voice from my conscience. It may be that the first response was the best, but at least I can be less mechanical in the coming year.

    Thanks for this exercise. I’ve used it for 3 years now!



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