Dr. Phil episode on conflict between moms, stepmoms and dads to air Dec. 1st!

Fire up your recorders! The show we taped last week in L.A. will be on Tuesday, December 1st. We're on the first half of the show (including David, Carol's husband and my ex – poor guy) and then there's another mom/stepmom/dad combo on during the second half of the show.

I had big plans to write a summary of what the whole experience was like, but I swear, we must have used up a year's worth of adrenalin last week and I just couldn't muster the wherewithal to put my thoughts to paper. Let's just say it was pretty surreal. We were terrified, but everyone was incredibly, unbelievably nice, which helped.

And Dr. Phil was tall. 🙂

And my heart went out to the other trio on the show, for different reasons. I could identify with each one of them and they seemed to be having a tough time, even though the two parents divorced nine years ago. I won't spoil the story and tell you what happened between them – you'll just have to see for yourself and come to your own conclusions!

By the time the show was over, I think the three of us had to suppress gargantuan yelps of joy that we had made it through alive. But no… we were now seasoned professionals, so we simply smiled and nodded to everyone as we did the royal wave down the long halls, returned to our bulb-lit dressing rooms, and performed a reverse-Cinderella (washing our faces THREE times and returning to Slackerville, clothes-wise). 

This week, I'm in San Francisco to help out with a family situation and won't have access to a computer during the day, so I won't be posting much until next week.

But I just wanted to say I really appreciated everyone's help who sent in questions (which I passed along to the producers) and helped publicize our search for additional guests. Thanks people's! Y'all are the best!

I hope this show plays a small part in getting a bigger discussion going about theses challenging bi-nuclear family issues. Lots of folks are suffering in isolation, thinking they're handling these situations poorly, when in fact, they're right there with the rest of us, stumbling around.

More soon!


  1. Congratulations! And thanks for the update. We can’t wait to watch!

  2. I so can’t wait to see this!!
    Hooray for you and Carol =)

  3. I cannot wait to see this! Awesome job to everyone that particpated, and decided to work towards a common goal!

  4. What if it is the other way around? I watched the show and many things hit home, but with my situation it was the step mother that was the jealous one not wanting to forge a relationship. We struggled for years until we had a blow up at the ballfield where she started yelling that she neeeded his uniform right then and there to take home to her house to wash. I reacted with a few choice words and was totally embarrassed. The next day in front of my son I took the high road and apolozied to her in front of my son. With tears I told her how much I loved him and how much I wanted us to all get along for his sake and ours. I told her how much I appreciated the effort she put in to being the step mother. Our realtionship has improved over the years, (only after I remaried and she felt I was no longer a threat) but I still feel her eyes beaming straight through me at games and it is hard sometimes, but we now call one another to discuss homework, groundings, etc. it is not always the Mother being jealous of the step mom. It can go both ways

  5. after seeing the show..i loved you guys and the way you got along..what happens if you dont like “moms” choices an dyou dont think you can be friends.or even civil for that matter?

  6. I only caught the end of the show – anyone know where I can watch it online?

  7. Amen Christie. That’s my situation too.

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