Bad math and art


(Art by Carol Marine)

Erin over at the Erin Experiment has a great post up called I know why the stepkid screams. It's about the mind-boggling familial combinations after a divorce, asking you to consider what it's all like from the child's perspective. Here's an excerpt:

Life is tough enough when you've got a nuclear family with your father
cozying up to your mom nearly every night. Zits happen; cats puke and
hormones must rage. It's enough to drive you (the kid) and everyone
around you ape shit crazy.

Now consider for a second that you've subtracted Dad from your "normal" equation.

That leaves you with k + m – d = ?
Now, add on at least one more parent to that equation (stepmom).
You've now got k + m – (d + s) = ?
Are you following me?

Now, add on a stepfather and a couple of extra stepmom-wanted-to-have-babies kids

You're now at (m + x) + (d + s) x 2 = k + ?
don't know about you, but I hated math in school. Just writing those
equations gave me the ebbie-jeebies. Imagine being the kid in the

It's also Erin's 500th post, so congratulations to her!


(Art by Carol Marine)

Also check out Carol's collection for her upcoming art show at the tres chi-chi Wally Workman Gallery here in Austin on July 11, from 6-8 pm. She might be embarrassed by me saying this, but damn, she's so incrediby good. I'm constantly amazed by her talent and drive, and she somehow manages to keep getting better and better.

The_Unit_book_cover Coming up on Friday, a book review of The Unit, by Swedish writer Ninni Holmqvist. I was lucky enough to be sent a review copy and wondered at first how I could relate the subject matter to this blog, especially since Kirkus Reviews described it as "Orwellian horrors in a Xanadu on Xanax — creepily profound and most provocative."

Then a theme became perfectly clear.

You'll see what I mean on Friday, so come back and read! I so loved this book….

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